Christmas update

Couple of new developments for you to consider.

  1. New computers are emerging with exponentially more power. Increased speed of interactions with your computer means less time spent waiting for your PC and more time getting work done.
  2. Computer patches – MIME, the intel management engine, has serious security flaws. It is vital you update and patch firmware and software to protect yourself from vulnerability attacks.
  3. We have 1 slot left to help develop an emerging business this coming year.

Here’s wishing everyone a great Christmas and a happy new year!

– The crew at Alienitc

Custom Built Computers

Why do some people drive mercedes’ instead of Ford’s?

Why do some people buy custom built desktop PC’s instead of pre-fabricated ones?

Custom built PC’s come with a 5 year warranty on every single part. They hold only the highest quality components, each carefully selected for compatibility, speed and most importantly, quality.

A pre-fab pc will get you to the finish line. so will a ford.

A custom built pc will get you there, mercedes style.

Crypto Virus

Crypto virii disguise themselves as various file formats, PDF, EXE, and others. We have seen a sharp increase in these types of viruses over the years. They are a type of ransomware, almost always leaving the infected computer and user with a total data loss.

If you notice any unusual activity on your PC, you should run a virus scan with Malwarebytes to insure the infection is removed.

It’s also very important to maintain cloud backups of your data seperate from your machine to protect your data from these viruses.

Ultra-Tech PC’s

Greetings earthlings! With the advent of new technologies, a new, incredibly fast computer is easily within your reach. Never wait for office to load again! Render your 3D projects at lightning fast speeds! All Computers are custom built for our clients and come with a 5 year parts & labor warranty that covers all failures & damages with the exception of physical damage done to components.

Give us a call today to find out what we can do to create a futuristic computing experience for you!


Spring 2014

An exciting spring! New computer technology & price drops means faster boot times, recovery times, and office efficiency. Save an hour a day waiting for that slow computer by picking up a new machine today!

On the website scene, new emerging social media technologies & Microsoft features are under top secret development and for select businesses with the budget we have a super offer to sneak into the mobile scene with windows 8.1 and their new assistant. Siri is up for some stiff competition!

Don’t forget that spring cleaning is also the best time for a computer cleanup & maintenance run. Make sure you are virus & future proof and ready for the summer season!