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Crypto Hacks on the rise

admin/ July 14, 2019/ News

The industry is currently afflicted by various crypto scams and virii. Be extremely cautious and wise in your daily interactions with the internet. Be sure you have regular backups and procedures in place to protect your important data!  

Spring Fever!

admin/ April 1, 2019/ News

A word of caution – phishing attacks for information continue to grow online. Protect yourself with a custom security system!  

Christmas update

admin/ December 3, 2017/ Computers, News, Safety

Couple of new developments for you to consider. New computers are emerging with exponentially more power. Increased speed of interactions with your computer means less time spent waiting for your PC and more time getting work done. Computer patches – MIME, the intel management engine, has serious security flaws. It is vital you update and patch firmware and software to protect

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Cyber Attacks

admin/ May 17, 2017/ News, Safety, Virus

On-going large scale cyber attacks continue to occur against global clients. Primarily affected are Windows XP users. Legacy clients on XP machines are urged to update their systems and passwords. Offline and cloud Backups are the most effective way to protect critical files from loss. Secure peace of mind with cloud backups!

Ultra-Tech PC’s

admin/ August 22, 2015/ Computers, News

Greetings earthlings! With the advent of new technologies, a new, incredibly fast computer is easily within your reach. Never wait for office to load again! Render your 3D projects at lightning fast speeds! All Computers are custom built for our clients and come with a 5 year parts & labor warranty that covers all failures & damages with the exception of

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Spring 2014

admin/ April 3, 2014/ Computers, News, Websites

An exciting spring! New computer technology & price drops means faster boot times, recovery times, and office efficiency. Save an hour a day waiting for that slow computer by picking up a new machine today! On the website scene, new emerging social media technologies & Microsoft features are under top secret development and for select businesses with the budget we have

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Summer Specials!

admin/ July 23, 2013/ News

This is the perfect time to upgrade your website to a new database driven, mobile enabled, search engine optimized website! Computer giving you trouble? We will diagnose and optimize your computer for you! Make sure to get a computer cleaning this summer! Remember that every year that goes by, more dust and debris clogs up your computer. A computer internal cleaning,

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New Websites Designed by Mazzuca, Built and Hosted by AlienITC

admin/ May 3, 2013/ News

We have two new websites built and running, and are very excited to announce our working with Mazzuca DPI on both websites. Mazzuca created the exciting concept for both of these websites, and we implemented the sites using a content management system. The sites can be reviewed at and Content management systems are extremely beneficial to Search Engine Optimization

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Video Production

admin/ July 23, 2012/ News

A video teaser of the newest website in our lineup Breakwater Cottage by alienitc